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  ur precious boy,we miss you so.The first time we ever saw you, we knew you were special and from the day you opened those big beautiful eyes and saw the world for the first time we knew you would be with us always. You brought us laughter when you were silly and being a clown. You brought us comfort when we needed it. You somehow always knew if we were sad or worried and you would walk over and lay your lovely head softly, on our arm or our knee and look so intently at us with those sweet soft understanding eyes,letting us know that everything would be okay.

Whenever we looked at you we would smile. You were so unbelievably beautiful and you made us so proud to be your family. When we would tell you of some new and wonderful accomplishment of one of your kids or Grandkids you would grab the nearest toy or shoe and wag your tail and wiggle and talk as if to let us know that you understood exactly what we were saying and were very proud of them too! You would come to greet our guests gently, and then you would quietly lay at their feet, always making each one of them feel important.

To us you were that illusive Labrador, the one that everyone hopes and strives for, the one that is perfect in every way. We knew from the start how very special you were and even then we knew that others would someday recognize all of your wonderful qualities. Through the years your name became well known for the important qualities that you contributed to your offspring and the Labrador breed. Most people associated with the breed came to know you on a first name basis and many still speak of you as being one of the "Great Ones", one that will never be forgotten. Your Legacy of kindness, gentleness, intelligence, soundness and beauty will live on forever through your wonderful Children and Grandchildren.

In all of our lives we will never forget you. We will always love you and you will always be in our hearts and in all of our fondest memories. Rest peacefully Dear boy.

Your Family,
Dan, Shannon and Maria
OFA good, Wind Morgan certified, Eyes ACVO cleared annually
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Dillon was such a special dog in every way. He was such a sound and beautiful boy with the kindest expression and the most gentle and loving temperament. His show career started out pretty impressive. He and his owner and best friend, Dan Thomas,
both went into the show ring for the first time together and came home with their first blue ribbon. By their third show, which was the 1992 Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Club Specialty, Dillon was already getting a lot of positive attention. Judge Judy Heim realized his potential and give him Best Opposite Sex in Sweeps when he was seven months old.
Dillon was a multiple Best of Breed winner and he finished his Championship in Grand Style as the 1995 Rose City Labrador Retriever Club specialty winner. He was awarded Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best of Breed and his third major by Judge Barbara Shaw Gilchrist.
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Dillon was truely a classic. In his offspring he consistently reproduced his perfect topline, heavy bone, beautiful front and rear angles, gorgeous head and flawless movement. Most importantly he passed on his sweet, loving temperament. He Sired many Champions and many of his offspring have received their Junior hunter, Senior hunter and Master hunter titles and many have attained obedience titles also.  Many of his Children and Grandchildren have gone on to become Therepy dogs, Guide dogs and Assistance dogs. His wonderful influence on the Labrador breed and on the dogs produced at Cherry Oaks will be felt for many generations to come.
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