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Cherry Oaks Labradors was established in 1982 with the purchase of our
first English bred labrador, Mandigos Desert Poppy (Mandy). We fell so
in love with Mandy's beauty and her charming disposition, that two
years later we added our first boy, Shamrock Acres Hurricane (Charley), to
our family. He was a wonderful dog.  We were so fortunate that both of
our foundation dogs came from such well known and sound lines and that
they both turned out to be such intelligent and beautiful dogs, and
that they both possessed that typical sweet, lovable, willing to please
temperament that Labradors should have. For the past 22 years we have
been dedicated to preserving all of these same qualities in Cherry Oaks
dogs and puppies.

The most important thing to us is that each of our dogs become part of
a loving family, so the primary objective in our breeding program is to
maintain that wonderful temperament that our dogs are known for. We
also strive for supreme intelligence, versatility, soundness of mind and
body and overall beauty. With thoughtful consideration to pedigrees,
careful genetic screenings and selective breeding practices, we are making
every effort to insure these qualities in our Labradors.

We invite you to take a tour through our website and meet some of our
dogs that we love so dearly and share with us some memories of some of
the wonderful dogs of our past that have brought us to where we are in
our journey.

Our website is currently under construction but we will be adding
pages on a regular basis so please visit occasionally.